Friday, January 24, 2014

Free Tax Preparation for Seniors & Families

Save your MONEY!
Get your taxes done for FREE!

You can get free tax preparation assistance
from IRS certified
VITA/TCE preparer.

You could qualify for the
Earned Income Tax Credit
for up to $6,044.

Tax preparation sites in many locations across
Northern Missouri!(see back)

To schedule your appointment, contact the location nearest you.

For more information, call Kathy at Universityof Missouri Extension
in Andrew County at 816-324-3147.


University of Missouri, Lincoln University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Local Extension Councils Cooperating
an ADA/equal opportunity institution
Please let us know if you have any disability that requires special materials or services.

Dr. Rebecca J. Travnichek, AFC®
& Dr. Meridith Berry
will prepare
·        Form 1040
(With Schedule A, B, C-EZ, C,
EIC & R)
·        Form 1040-ES
·        Form 2441
·        Form 8863
·        Form 8812
·        Injured Spouse
·        State income tax returns [Let tax site know at the time you make your appointment if you have income from states other than MO, KS, and IA.]

Dr. Rebecca J. Travnichek, AFC®
& Dr. Meridith Berry
will NOT prepare
·        Complicated &
Advanced Schedule D
·        Form SS-5
·        Form 2106
·        Form 3903
·        Form 8606
·        Form 8615
·        Business
Please see a paid preparer forassistance with complicated returns.

Here is what you MUST bring:
·        Government issued Photo Id (Driver’s License) for taxpayer and spouse.[You must bring with you.]
·        Valid Social Security cards or ITIN numbers for taxpayer, spouse, and all dependents.[You must bring with you.]
·        Birthdates of all persons to be listed on the tax return. If married and filing jointly, both spouses should be present.
·        All wage and income statements for 2013 (e.g., W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, 1099-MISC, forms).
·        Interest and dividend statements from financial institutions (Form 1099-INTs) if applicable.
·        Proof of day-care expenses paid in 2013 including: provider’s name, address, phone number, and federal ID number, amount paid to provider.
·        A copy of last year’s federal and state returns.
·        MO Rent Credit-name, address, telephone #, & SSN or EIN of landlord; and letter of amount rent paid from landlord.
·        To direct deposit your refunds, bring a checkbook or savings book with you to verify the account and bank routing numbers.

Locations to call for appointments:

Savannah (816.324.3147)–Jan. 27-30+
St. Joseph (816.279.1691)–Jan. 31
Trenton (660.359.4040, ext. 8)–Feb. 7& 14
Unionville (660.947.2990)–Feb. 10-14
Princeton (660.748.3315)–Feb. 10
Bethany (660.425.6434)–Feb. 11
MWSU Campus–Feb. 15-16
Gallatin (660.663.3232)–Feb. 19-21
SALT-Chillicothe (660.247.1495)–Feb. 21
Rock Port (660.744.6231)–Feb. 24-25
Oregon (660.446.3724)–March 3-4
Cameron (816.324.3147)–March 6-7
Milan (660.265.4541)–March 6
Plattsburg (816.539.3765)–March 11-12
Maryville (660.582.8101)–March 13-14
Albany (660.726.5610)–March 20
Grant City (660.564.3363)–March 21